Designated Gift Funds

Funds donated to the Designated Gift Fund are permanent memorial gifts to CCDC. These can be placed in the name of an individual or a congregation. The donor can stipulate one of the following:

A 1950's era Named Fund brochure

A 1950s era Named Fund brochure

  • That the fund increase annually at a designated rate in support of the ministry of CCDC,
  • That a payment be made annually to a Canadian Christian charity designated by the donor.
The very first Named Fund, now called a Designated Gift Fund, was taken out on May 5, 1958, by Alma I. Fenton, as a memorial fund for her parents. Others quickly followed during that year: Hildur Bergman, Arthur and Norma Hyatt, Harry Lewis, D.H. Reed, and Evan Velcoff. It was thanks to these and many other faithful people that the concept of CCDC become a reality.

Church of Christ Development Company Ltd. would like to express its appreciation for the invaluable contributions made to the building of Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in Canada.  Funds have been donated by or contributed on behalf of the following people:

Frank Adamson Richard, Dorothy, & Elizabeth Gabriel Ronald Raza
Alice Baker Elsie Gauthier D. H. Reed
Mabel Ooley Bales Reid Gibbons George Ross
Becker Elizabeth Mamie Goad Joseph & Helen Rowledge
Grant Bergman Charles & Elizabeth Goss Mary Sandin
Gus & Hildur Bergman Edythe Haack Sarah Schurman
Rev. John Bergman A. E. & Marion Halstead Mike Shalapay
Mark Bergman John Halverson Mildred Stein
M. Lillian Bergman Margaret Hanlan William Stewart
Rev. Meredith Bergman Arthur & Norma Hyatt Isabelle Summers
Rev. Neil Bergman Peter Kinasewich Robert Summersgill
Reid Joseph Bergman Carlton Leviston Frances Turner
Clara Blacklock Harry Lewis Samilda VanSickle
E. E. Breakenridge Ernest & Margaret Rae MacDonald Evan Velcoff
Gordon Breakenridge Allen McAuley Ada & Henry Wambolt
Melvin Breakenridge E. R. & Pauline McIlveen Esther & Fred Wambolt
Catherine Brownlee Connie Morris Nina and Bessie
Elizabeth & Robert Cameron Terry Morris Esther Weber
Alfred & Ethel Christensen North Street Christian Church, Halifax Sybil Whitney
Allan Cockle Ontario Christian Assembly Eric and Shirley Wiley
Loy Cooper Mary Pearson Theresa Wilson
Dr. Marcus & Ruth Dunsworth Minnie Phillips Jeanette Olive Woodward
Gerald & Muriel Fanning Jennie Pinkerton Annie C. Wright
William & Lucy Fenton Ada Pratt Hilda Wright
First Christian Church, Edmonton Tom Rash Clarence York

For more information about Designated Gift Funds, contact CCDC.

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