Project Support Funds

mossy rock pathProject Support Fund certificates (PSFs) are available to congregations and church groups who are holding funds in preparation for a building project, land purchase, or church plant.

Project Support Funds** have no minimum amount required to open a fund and cannot exceed $750,000 per group.

Project Support Fund certificates:

  • Currently pay 4.5% annual interest
  • Have a five-year term
  • Can be redeemed early if necessary, with interest paid to the redemption date without penalty
  • Interest rate is subject to change annually with a current minimum guaranteed rate of 4.5%
  • Are available to Restoration Movement churches only

PSF Application form

**Our first loan in 1957 to Wyndholme Christian Church, Dartmouth, NS, was made possible by the investment of individuals and those funds in turn were loaned directly to the church.  Direct re-lending is no longer possible under modern regulations and therefore we now offer funds only to organizations building a capital project fund.