Project Support Fund Certificates

About Project Support Fund Certificates …..

  • What are Project Support Funds?

If your group is putting together a building fund for a capital project, CCDC can help you to manage these funds with a Project Support Fund Certificate. The certificates are issued in any denomination over $5000 and currently pay 4.5% accumulating interest annually over a five-year term.

  • Who can apply for Project Support Funds?

Currently, we are only able to offer Project Support Funds to churches and para-church organizations from the Restoration Movement.

  • Can funds be reinvested for additional terms?

Certificates are only available for a five-year term. They are designed to provide a short-term investment opportunity for groups who are engaging in a capital project.

  •  Are the Certificates secured by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation?

No, but CCDC does not use these funds for lending or any other operating needs. The funds are segregated from the general fund and invested to provide the return that is paid to the Certificate holders.