Blair Cameron, PresidentBlair Cameron

 Blair Cameron was born in Winnipeg, MB, and has been a member of the Christian Church since he was baptized at age 14. He graduated from Alberta Bible College with a BCom (Marketing) and a BA (Psychology).  He also holds an MBA from the University of Calgary. Blair has served in various capacities over the years but found his passion in working with youth. He is a past member of the Board of Trustees at Alberta Bible College and has been on the Board of Church of Christ Development Company Ltd. (CCDC) since 2003. He has had executive roles in marketing, advertising, and merchandising with Mark’s Work Wearhouse, Sobey’s, and Safeway and is currently senior vice-president of the Air Miles Reward Program. Blair has two wonderful children, Matthew and Chelsea, who attend Bow Valley Christian Church in Calgary, AB.


Ian B. MacDonald, TreasurerIan MacDonald

Ian MacDonald has attended Christ’s Church of the Meadows in Edmonton serving on the worship team, working as a small group leader, and delivering communion devotions. He was born and raised in Edmonton and is married to Joanna. They have 3 children: Madeleine, Louisa, and Clark. Ian is a chartered accountant and partner with MNP in Edmonton. Before joining CCDC’s Board of Directors, he served on the Board of Compassion House Foundation in several capacities, including Board Chair.


Jason Bergman, Secretary

Jason received an Arts and Science General Studies Certificate from Mount Royal College in 2005; he then continued on to graduate with a BSc Engineering (Materials) from the University of Alberta in 2009.

Jason attended First Christian Church from 1979 to 1997, and Bow Valley Christian Church from 1999 to 2005 where he served as a Sunday school teacher. He is currently attending Christ’s Church of the Meadows where he is a youth leader.

Jason has been involved with the Prairie Young People’s Association where he served in the vice president and president positions. He has also been involved with Pine Lake Christian Camp, helping with camp maintenance.


Grant Anger

Grant lives in Haliburton, ON. He and his wife Brenda have 3 grown and married children, Cherish, Nathan, and Brandon; two daughters-in-law Breanna and Kristi; and a 16-year-old son Elijah. They also have 9 grandchildren.

Grant is presently a real estate broker in Ontario and has over 19 years of experience in house and commercial construction, with 10 of those years as a Chief Building official.


Mark Bergman

Mark earned a BSc (Civil Engineering) from the University of Alberta in 1983, and an MEng (Geotechnical) from the University of Saskatchewan in 1998. Since 2000, he has brought his construction industry experience to CCDC with Loan Consulting and Property.

Mark attends First Christian Church (formerly Central Church of Christ) in Edmonton. He has served as a Sunday school teacher, deacon, and elder. He has also attended McKernan Christian Church for a time and has served as elder there.

Mark has been on the Board of Pine Lake Christian Camp and has helped out with the Prairie Young People’s Association and the Western Canadian Christian Convention, but his main passion is being on the CCDC team helping churches with low interest loans. Except for a sabbatical year in 2013/2014, he has been on the CCDC Board of Directors since 2002, and formerly served terms from 1978 – 1989.

Mark can be contacted by calling 780 406 1045 or through e-mail at