Church of Christ Development Company Ltd. (CCDC) provides interdenominational low interest capital loans to congregational churches and para-church organizations in Canada that fit with its Statement of Beliefs. 

Mission and Vision

How CCDC began:

Church of Christ Development Company Ltd. was initiated with the approval at the All Canada Convention on August 23, 1957.

Our Statement of Beliefs

The mandate of Church of Christ Development Company Ltd. (CCDC) is to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing low interest capital loans to congregationally governed churches and para-churches in Canada. Churches and para-churches that borrow from CCDC are governed independently but share a common set of principles based on a commitment to Biblical integrity, outlined in the following Statement of Beliefs and Practices:

  • Teaching “No Creed but Christ, No Book but the Bible” (containing 66 sub-books)
  • Teaching “Where the Scriptures Speak we Speak, where they are Silent we are Silent” 
  • Teaching “We are Christians only but not the only Christians”
  • Practicing Baptism by Immersion after Confession of Faith in Jesus as Lord and Saviour
  • Practicing Open Observance of the Lord’s Supper preferably weekly but at least Monthly